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has anyone with alopecia tried this product? is it something you’d recommend?
does this product really work?
Okay guys, I gotta share. if you want yyour brows to look fluffy and microbladed, you gotta use Schwarzkopf göt2b® Glued® Spiking Glue!!!! You grab a spoolie and run a little bit of this gel through your brows the same way you would any other brow product. After that be sure and press the product into your brows with a finger to set them in place. It’s a GAME CHANGER. Your brows legit will not move all day and you can apply product over the gel or under the gel.
It seems as if a lot of people using this product has it confused with color, it’s not a color. It’s a gloss for the color you already have in your hair. A lot of the bad reviews reflect the confusion. Were you aware of that ?
Does this add color?
Where to look if I want to wear wigs? Best wigs and products? [product:schwarzkopf-got2b-glued-blasting-freeze-spray]
Schwarzkopf Color Boost Dark Cool I have blonde hair and usually go back n forth with purple dye and the blonde color. Not sure why I was sent the dark cool tone. Scared to use it on my very recently bleached/lightened hair.
Does the product work good?
Has anyone with the same awful experience that I’ve had reached out to the company and see about them covering the color correction cost? My beautiful blonde hair is ruined and I’m devastated. My hair is a nasty dark gray and purplish but a can not get my pictures to fully show the extent of damage.
Do you divide your hair in big sections to apply this product or just focus on roots and drag it towards the ends like any hair mask?