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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Light ? Do U use this one 4 ur sterilized cat?
Hello my cat Just had surgery to correct a urinary blockage. I was prescribed Royal Canin Urinary Cat SO and seen recent reviews (7/13/21) that their cats were now throwing up from the food due to a changed formula. My cat started to recently throw up the food so I asked my vet another good brand & was recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care c/d. What are your cats’ experiences using this cat food?
Just ordered this for my fur baby. How does everyone else's cat like/hate it?
Has anyone had any problems with feeding your yorkie Hills science?
[product:hills-prescription-diet-i/d-stress-canine] Has anyone seen improvement in dog’s behavior with this? Are they calmer/less stressed after some time on the food?
What’s your experience in feeding this dog food to your dog with allergies ? Getting ready to start this with the hypo treats on a strict diet for my Frenchie. Moving her from Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach salmon and rice formula.
I’ve seen this brand of food on “do not buy” lists, but I’ve always given Science Diet to my cats. Has anyone had bad experiences with this food?
Do you find this product to be worth the price compared to Iams?