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Media uploaded by Eleni T.
Eleni T.
Highly recommend these breast milk storage bags, they have a good amount of space to write on and the measurements are clear! #boymom #mom #newborn #breastfeeding #breastmilk #mendela
Media uploaded by Lauren L.
Lauren L.
The. Best. Nipple. Cream. This cream not only made breastfeeding a newborn easier and less painful but it’s a miracle cream for other things too!! My son has very sensitive skin and we have used this as diaper rash cream, eczema, chapped lips, the list goes on! It’s amazing!!
Media uploaded by kathryn S.
kathryn S.
My son feeds a lot and for long periods of time this has saved my nipple from loads of pain and agony! #Medelanipplesheild #breastisbest
Media uploaded by Jaelyn L.
Jaelyn L.
My favorite tender care nipple cream Shown at end is the pump I use