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How do these compare to the name brand?
What is the best thing for period cramps?
Have these been discontinued? I haven’t seen them at my local Costco in months and when I asked an employee today, they said this product isn’t even in their computer system anymore! Can’t find it on either!
Is this a good brand?
Are you able to send diaper sample so I can try them out before buying a whole case??
I just bought this detergent and I am wondering what color is it supposed to be?  Free and clear to me doesn’t mean yellowish???
Hi everyone! My little girl just turned 6 weeks old. I supplement feed her with breast milk and formula due to supply being low. We had her on Enfamil ready to feed since we left the hospital. We noticed it was causing some fussiness and she wasn’t ever able to pass gas so we decided to switch her to the Kirkland brand formula as we have seen good reviews and to see if it made things better. We started using this formula only a few days ago and we are noticing she is not passing stool nearly as frequent (down to once a day). And she also had a very runny brown stool last diaper change. She is also super gassy. Has anyone ever switched to this brand and experienced this? I know that it takes some time to adjust so I’m giving it a few more days… but I of course am now concerned. Thanks I’m advance!
Are these durable?
Do the tablets smell when you smell them inside the bottle? The individual tablet does not smell but when I smell the tablets altogether inside the bottle there is some strong smell. The expiry is in oct 2021. Does anyone else also smell the tablets inside bottle?