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Celia S.
#kbeauty #jbeauty This is my vit.C morning routine today, and alittle tip here for absorption, I love to apply my first active BEFORE my toner because that is what i want closest to my skin. So the Vit C serum will go directly onto damp skin after i cleanse with my cerave hydrating cleanser. I then right after my vitamin C serum by Timeless will go in with my Alpha arbutin 2% by the ordinary which helps lighten hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, help with sebum levels in the production of collagen and so on and so forth and vitamin C and Alpha arbutin are best friends. I will Pat that into my skin for about 15 seconds to make sure it is absorbed. I will proceed with pouring the blue toner, which contains tranmaxic acid, into the palms of my hands and then I will gently press it into my skin for about 15 seconds until I feel it is absorbed. I truly believe that this helps Aid all of the put on after doing so, I love the stoner because it contains an active ingredient that is known to lighten hyperpigmentation and sunspots and help with the reduction of pores even though scientifically speaking we cannot reduce are pores we can help them look less noticeable. Tranmaxic acid is an incredible acid for people struggling with acne as well and with recently popped pimples. I love getting this step out of the way my toner and then I will put on my Ren daily glow vitamin C cream, which is just a sample, and honestly I'm just using it to be a little bit extra. After that is padded into my skin Oh, I will go on with my second to last step and not is my klairs freshly Juiced vitamin E moisturizer. Combining all of these ingredients with a vitamin E moisturizer is like combining cinnamon and sugar. It's just a good combination. Vitamin C is already amazing at helping your skin protect itself from the Sun and when mixed with vitamin E it basically is Unstoppable especially with SPF on top. My last step would be my sunscreen which is a chemical sunscreen from Korea I believe or Japan I'm not too sure please forgive me on that one but either way I absolutely love it! I have used it for years it does not make me break out which is very very rare, it is a blue gel consistency very light on the skin it feels almost like a cooling gel. It's also an amazing primer for foundation so I don't have to use primer half of the time at all! And that's that kiddos happy skin caring 😚 (NOT pictured Biore aqua essence 50+ PA++++)
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Jenny C.
Woke up to super clear skin today 🤩 so happy #SummerSkincare
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Ambeer K.
love how my skin is turning out #winningstreak #WinningStreak
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Tariro N.
#newskincareproducts #skincare
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Aya Y.