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What do you think about this product?
3 Answers
For my fellow sufferers of extremely dry eyes, what eye drops have worked for you? I've tried Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops 0.5 % 15 Ml, 2 Ea which were ok but didn't help that much and Systane Ultra Eye Drops, 0.14oz which were a bit better but still didn't provide long lasting relief. I also tried AMO Blink Gel Tears which actually made my eyes feel drier. I'm so tired of spending so much money on eye drops that don't help. Please save my poor itchy eyes
3 Answers
Do these help with watery eyes?
3 Answers
The packing of eye drop is not good, very poor Packing. the edge of eye drop is very sharp and hurts the eye if we try to Squeeze a drop. The bottle packing which is in plastic is very poor without molding of edge cut with sharp edge which can hurt the eye badly..
1 Answer
Are these long lasting? I need a hydrating eye drop for night time while I sleep And I bought the Systane Gel nighttime protection not knowing that gel eye drops are one of the worst things you can put in your eyes. I really need something that is hydrating that lasts long & bought these today but haven't tried them yet, because I really need a long lasting one I can use day or night Systane Gel Lubricant Eye Gel Overnight Therapy Refresh Optive Advanced Lubricant Eye Drops
3 Answers
Is this a good product?What does it do?
2 Answers
Is this better than red eye
3 Answers
Can you use this product while having contacts?
6 Answers
Will this clog contact lenses if i use this during the night and in the morning put contact lenses on?
0 Answer
Other then dry eyes, I get a Lot of redness but when I use it, I have to reapply every 15.? Is this product longer lasting.
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