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HEEYYY! I was wondering if anyone knew if this lotion was good or not?
Is this product okay for stubborn eczema?
Can this be used on face ? Starting to see a few lines corner of eyes and forehead. 
What dose this smell like? Is it good for all over body ? Or as an after shower powder for adults?
I’ve always had very dry skin on my feet. I do-not like oily and greasy lotions... What is a good lotion that is not oily or greasy and good for dry and cracked feet? I’d like to wear sandals in the summer, but don’t because of this. I’m very self conscious with my feet. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
I tried and love the healing hand cream and now want to trythe matching body lotion. The only difference I say is this says it has aloe also but alle is good. Is this pretty much the same as the hand cream? Want a body lotion like the hand cream so wondering of this is as good.
Who here has tried this hand cream and the matching body lotion version? If so are they the same? I love the hand cream and see they have a body lotion of it except it has aloe too but wondering if can get that to use for my body and also refill my hand cream bottle with instead of buying a small tube everytime, plus if the body lotion is as good as the hand cream I need a bigger container to cover my body too of course.
Does this work? My heals are always dry and recently my heal cracked and became sore and red. I’m looking for something safe for type two diabetic.