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Media uploaded by Emily T.
Emily T.
I was so surprised how good my mascara looked even while swimming!!! #summerlook #At Home Summer Kickoff
Media uploaded by Karra K.
Karra K.
I start out using the bíoré to clean out any makeup, oils, or dirt on the face no water needed. I moved on to a mask which is the Pūrlisse Matcha, Green Tea + Lemon detoxifying charcoal face mask leave on for 15min. Rinse. Than pat dry, add Olay Hyaluronic Acid a few drops on face let dry and if I see any pimple or new pimple forming I add a dap of toothpaste on my finger and dap toothpaste on pimple and leave over night. The following morning I rinse off toothpaste and the pimples disappear. #FallSkincare
Media uploaded by Stephenie O.
Stephenie O.
I absolutely love this product, creat 3D whitening strips really do work. In as little as 6 days my teeth where 4 shades whiter and I did not even finish the whole treatment yet. This product is good if you have yellow teeth and would like to whiten them.