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Are these made in the USA?
I have used a liquid tartar removal on my dog for a couple of months now. His teeth have been getting better, but still no dramatic change. He refuses to let us brush his teeth. Would this be better than a liquid tartar removal?
Are Dingo Real Meat & Rawhide Chew Bones 2 pk safe for dogs? I have 2 dogs, one is a year old, the other is 10 months! Is this okay to give them? They chew through EVERYTHING we give them so quickly... I am looking for something they can actually enjoy for a little while.
Hi, I was wondering if these were healthier than the good n plenty kind. Because my Walmart sells good n plenty and dingo and I was just curious which would be healthier for a snack.
My dog loves the taste but I haven’t noticed it has helped her stinky breath! What are some other good products to try to help with bad dog breath?
I have purchased many of the Dingo mini bones with meat in the middle, either chicken flavor or bacon.  My dog loves them. However today I purchased a bag of Dingo mini bacon flavor bones, 21 in a package.  When I opened the bag the smell was awful, smelled like spoiled meat.  Times before that I've purchased these whether it's chicken or bacon flavor, when I've opened the package there is virtually no odor. Something was very wrong.I purchased them at Dollar General, a chain store where I've bought them before. Dollar General can't do anything.  Can you help?
do dogs tend to choke on these?
Is the dog bone good for dogs and puppies and doggy puppies???
Can small dogs eat these without problems? Do these contain rawhide?
I have been wanting to get these for my dog but I'm not sure of she is old enough my dog is 8 months old how old do they have to be