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has anyone tried this yet? it looks delicious
Please, please, please read the nutrition facts. This contains high fructose corn syrup, 33 grams of sugar, and a caramel food coloring agent in every can. A 12-fluid ounce can contains 130 calories.
Which is the best flavor?
My favorite book of all time, which is also a GREAT summer/beach read is Agnes & The Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. As you can see, it’s WELL read lol. A mint julep or some bourbon would be the perfect pair since it does take place in the South but personally, I’m always drinking a [product:seagrams-seagrams-escapes-malt-beverage] in the summer. Hey @jessk3 can we get Agnes & The Hitman added as a book?
[product:seagrams-escapes-malt-beverage-bottles-jamaican-me-happy] ?
For someone who doesn’t like fruit punch or tropical flavor, would I even like this flavor?
Whiskey drinkers, what are your favorite whiskey cocktails or mixers? I’m looking for some fun selections to try and possibly serve as a signature event drink this fall.
Is this really sweet?
[product:seagrams-seagrams-escapes-malt-beverage-variety-pack-12-oz-12-pk] these are my favorite summer sip. I love the tropical, fruity flavors and fun colors. Whats your favorite bottled beverage? Anything else I should try.
I have a empty gallon jar of [product:seagrams-7-crown-blended-whiskey]. Anyone else decorate with alcohol bottles and how/why?