Seagram's Gin - 1.75L Bottle

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I've since been drinking gin and tonics more-so lately as I've been trying to stray away from the 'brown' boozes (tannins are bad). My mom and girlfriend are gin drinkers, so why not? My mom has always drank this and it was probably my first exposure to gin. In the $20 price range, I like it a lot, but there's other middle-shelf gins that I think are a tad bit smoother. This is a little more crisp I think. It'll end up in my liquor cabinet frequently, but so will others. It's really good and refreshing, but it just might take a back seat to some others. Or maybe just a middle seat. Paired with diet Schweppes and a squirt of lime, you can't go wrong. Give it a try!
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Seagram's is mainly used as a low-cost mixer and you can tell why. Gin is a neutral spirit infused with botanicals. Seagram's is basically all neutral spirit with little botanicals infused into it. I wouldn't use this except as a low-cost mixer for cheap cocktails. It has that ethanol kind of taste. You can do better.
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5 / 5
We love this gin!! Mix with ruby 7-up and a tangerine. Soooo good!! And cheap too!!


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