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I have the blackest of hair and have had it lightened to use the pulp riot nightfall colour. Now I'm wondering when the colour fades can I switch up to other colors? Like a dark purple or dark red? Or do I need to strip the nightfall colour first?
My hairstylist mentioned this but I am unsure if I want to try. I have damaged overly processed hair that is broke to breakage and split ends and probably need more bonding help. However, last time I decided to just do a toner and since I only wash my hair once a week, the day I washed it, it completely left. I don’t know if this will damage my hair more, stay in my hair, or give my the color I want to achieve? I want a purple grey color and don’t know what colors to get from them?
How long would you say does Cupid last? I recently used magenta from joico and It washed completely out after only two washes. I’ve never seen that happen. I’m a hairstylist and have never used a semi perm hair color all over my head normally i use perm funky colors so I’m just now dabbling into pulp riot
Is the silver toner such as good as the ice one? Does anyone have any before and afters?
How does it differ from matrix purple shampoo or redken ?
I bought the turquoise shade for my daughter's hair. She's a dark blonde. I'd like to just apply it without using any bleaching products beforehand. I know it's hard to say since not all hair is the same, but how long can I expect it to stay without developer/bleach beforehand? Thanks
I used the black Overtone last year and it left green and pink streaks in my hair which weren’t visible when I was a brunette. I’ve recently gone blonde and am trying to get to platinum but can’t get those streaks out. Will this product work on stubborn color deposits? Has anyone had success with it?
Diid anyone have luck with the color being COMPLETELY removed by this product?
Is the blank canvas only for the fashion colors or can it work if you tried to dye it a naturalish blonde but it still doesn't quite match?