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I have this but it doesn't form any suds at all. How do you know if it really is working? I'm thinking of returning it bc mine became watery bc of the heat but it became gel-like again when I put it in the fridge overnight.
1 answer
I would like to try this product and promote it on instagram, I have laughing hair and very few creams work for me, could I get it?
0 answer
Can anyone help me decide between this and the ColourWow Dream Coat spray please? I have thick wavy hair and am looking for something that will help with frizz and help elongate the style I put into it. Can’t afford both but both have amazing reviews. Thank you!
0 answer
Does this product cause buildup?
0 answer
Okay, so I used this last night and it’s smells AMAZING but in the shower did this leave anyone else’s hair feeling like straw? I absolutely hate that feeling on my hair.. it’s awful.
0 answer
Help help help!! I’m willing to spend money with my hair, but I would like to spend with something AMAZING.. what is your favorite hair mask or treatment ? I’m in between Davines® NOUNOU Hair Mask and Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector. #please help me
1 answer
Ok so my hair is annoying as hell. It gets greasy so quickly. I tried the no-poo thing for two months and I can’t believe I walked about out of my house like that. Will this shampoo allow me to go 3 days between washings? I just don’t want to use dry shampoo anymore.
0 answer
I like what this did for my hair, but the scent is unbearably strong!! Does anyone have a good alternative to this?
0 answer
Does this clean the scalp well? Or does the scalp get oily fast with this?
0 answer
Does this shampoo come in any other sizes?
2 answers