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With this contact solution, do you feel it cleans well and keeps the integrity of your contacts in the long run? I don’t know if I see a difference between ‘normal’ solution and this
Other than Wal-Mart, who else carries them for the same price?
Does anybody here know if the product peroxi clear by Bausch and Lomb has been discontinued? I've been using clear care but it's just not the same.
I've been wearing contacts for a long time and was looking into using this product. Do I still have to rinse the contact lenses before I put them on or will the neutralization suffice?
I have been looking into a new contact solution. Does this one work well to clean your contacts? Has anyone had their eyes get irritated after having their contact in the solution for the allotted amount of time?
i always leave them in for longer than 6 hours, but they still give a small burning sensation. am i doing something wrong? or how would you recommend i do the procedure?
I just got this in the moisturizing version. I got contacts a few weeks ago but I can still feel them in my eyes and eventually can't handle them any longer they feel so awful. I'm hoping this will make it so I stop feeling them constantly. Has anyone else had that? Or had this help with that?
Does this dry your eyes are actually provide moisture?
I'm just wondering how well this product works for 30 day approved lenses?? I wear the air optics night and day contacts and I try to keep them clean so that I can make them last longer. Would this be or is this a good product for this type of contact lens?