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Have you tried this product?
Wunder2 WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel ? When I was in high school, I was the victim of a horrible eyebrow losing incident (aka allergic reaction to stage make-up) and my eyebrows never grew back in. I've found a great brow pencil for my every day life but it is not water proof so summer days which are spent in pools, on boats, and in lakes are frustrating because within a few minutes my eyebrows are gone and I look like a Vulcan. I tried the original Wunderbrow and felt that it looked too heavy. My question is, with the tools that come with Wunder2, is it easier to make those long lasting brows look more natural?
I saw this available at CVS, is it worth the price? How does it compare to other plumpers (my go to is Sexy MotherPucker by Soap and Glory)?
Does this really work?, ive heard really good reviews and also bad reviews. Does it last 3 days?
Does this really work?
Does this product flake?
How does this hold up on oily foreheads? I really want to try this but I really need something that’ll stay all day!
Does it really last once you wash your face?
I am not able to purchase this product for light skin on amazon.  Is it out temporarily?
Does it stain the skin under the brow hairs? I’ve seen other tints that do and I would prefer the skin not be tinted.