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Can this be used on the sides of the face? I have to shave because my side burns grow out looking weird and it causes major ingrown hair. It would just be neck/side of face. Thanks!
Can this get rid of pre-existing dark spots on the skin from waxing or shaving? Also is this product okay for sensitive skin?
I’m looking for product that can help me with my chin hair, underarm, and bikini area to prevent hair from growing so fast. If someone know one that’s good or have try this out. Please share your opinion 🤗?
How many bottles/uses of this product usually are needed to show results? Does this product help address scars from old ingrowns?
Where can I find this and how much does it generally cost I live in Suburban New Jersey if that helps with the cost question and it seems like it's a male & female use product, is this correct?
How to get ride of in grown hairs or dark spots cause from it? I can’t seem to avoid them when I shave have tried everything!!
Does this product really work and how long does it take to see a difference?
Is tthis product good for preventing ingrown hairs around the vaginal area[product:tend-skin-solution-for-ingrown-hair-&-razor-bumps-4-ounce] ?
Does this product really help with ingrowns? I have really bad ingrown hairs and really need a good product.
[product:tend-skin-solution-for-ingrown-hair-&-razor-bumps-4-ounce] Is this a good product for people with sensitive skin and does it help with razor bumps/ ingrown hairs?