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Had this chicken for the first time yesterday so did not know what to expect. The bag had a lot of liquid in it and there was hardly any seasoning on the chicken (the liquid probably washed it off). It came out tender but the wings were soggy and broke apart because of being in the liquid And it didn’t brown much. Has anyone else had this experience and why would there be so much liquid?
Do these come in other flavors?
Good Afternoon - How long can you keep in frig before actually cooking the roaster?
How do I get to try this product
how long do you microwave 1 [one} cutlet for
Perdue Perfect Portions Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Individually Wrapped - 5 CT I have bought these packages several times from my local stores. I am only 5 minutes away from store. Each time, there seems to be a slimy solution around the chicken portions but I have cooked them and they tasted fine. Today is July 25 and the package expires July 30. The chicken was slimy and one piece had a bit of a bad odor and was mealy. I threw it out , rinsed off the others and plan to cook them. Is the chicken packed in some sort of solution?
What brand of chicken does everybody use and I would like to know what some ideas is for using a chicken breast
Where can I buy this product?