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#Summerhair #SummerHair
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Mis productos favoritos, hacen un cabello hermoso. #beauty #fridaynightlook
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I finally did it! 12 inches off! #influenster #ShortHair
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If it weren't for this product my curls would be a frizzy mess highly recommend for my thick hair curly girls #goodhairday #beautiful #curlyhair #GoodHairDay
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We all know that colouring our hair is a catch 22, so lemme introduce you to #onenonly which helps lessen the damage a bit

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I bought this a while ago but I am afraid to use it. I am wondering if it will get the rest of this black out of my hair. I am skeptical of these kinds of products bc I have heard that they turn your hair weird colors. I haven’t colored my hair since before New Years last year. Can this product be trusted? As you can see in the pic, my natural hair color ends right above my cheek bones.
3 Answers
Did this get discontinued? Everywhere is out of stock 
0 Answer
Does anyone know how to get this smell out of my hair? It smells awful. One 'n Only Colorfix
2 Answers
can this be used on color treated hair? 
0 Answer
So I usually use this product as my last step during my wash day. I have type 3/4 curls/texture and it works for the most part BUT.. the product is pricey. Has anyone found a cheaper price for this Argan oil?
1 Answer
Does anyone know where to find this?
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I’ve been trying to find a vegan hair dye to take me from the bright cherry red i am now, to a chocolate brown, ive been really considering this brand but i’ve never used it and i’m not sure how to go about it. Would you guys recommend this for rich colorthat will cover pretty bright colors ?
1 Answer
What is the lowest heat setting on this?
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So I’ve been wondering, do these colour correctors actually work? And what will my hair feel like after use? Am I able to recolour my hair directly after or is there a recommended wait time? Thoughts & advice greatly appreciated!
2 Answers
So I used this product on my half green/blue and purple hair. It didn't really strip anything (just lightened it) and turned my purple side blue. I also did not use step 3. I'm debating doing another round of this or trying something else. Should I try again or do you think it'll get worse? 
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