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I have been using ion tanzanite for a while and sallys has been out so I got the argan oil 2b blue black. I watched some videos about it and it looks way to black for me but didn't on the test hair they showed me. Im.wondering if this color is like the tanz that I use or is more black??? 
Will this work on Demi permanent black hair dye?
What other products (conditioner, masks) complement the use of this shampoo?
I've been dying my own hair for quite awhile but mainly stuck to permanent dye not to familiar with the demi dye. I have been trying to research about this particular demo dye with little info. What is the best way to use this? Wet or dry hair? Clean or dirty? I have 10 volume and 20 volume bit was planning on using the 10 because my hair is already black I just want to darken and gloss my hair. Still searching for the blackest black hair dye!
I attempted dying my hair blonde last night and it came out lighter at the roots and kinda orange. I kinda just want to remove all the color because I don't like it anyways. Will this stuff work. Also, is it hard to get an even tone. Will it turn my hair orange- its naturally really light brown
Has anyone tried [product:one-n-only-argan-oil-hair-color-perfect-intensity]? The color does wonders but, I want to know how long it usually lasts everyone?? 🤔
[product:one-n-only-argan-oil-permanent-color-cream-3-oz-5ch-light-chocolate-brown] [product:one-n-only-argan-oil-permanent-color-cream-3-oz-5ch-light-chocolate-brown] ? Cuál es su experiencia con este producto??
[product:one-n-only-argan-oil-12-in-1-daily-treatment] ?
Why won’t my hair curl back up after using it once and I haven’t ironed my hair in over a year,This is from using the one and only?
Has anybody found this product to work with brassy hair?