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El Monterey® Beef & Bean Green Chili Burritos 8 ct Pack ? Are these spicy? Will my 3 year old eat these or should I stick with the bean and cheese ones?
Some people are vegans, vegetarians, non-pork eaters, and some just don’t like meat with their breakfast burritos or sandwiches. I have tried this product before and it was delicious, but why does it have to be spicy? Many older people can’t eat spicy stuff, including very hungry pregnant women due to acidic inflammation. This is a deterrent from many potential customers. I not saying get rid of this option but is there any way to provide one of your delicious burritos without the spice and meat. Sometimes just being as simple as eating an egg, cheese, and potato burrito can go a long way and be just as good as the other burritos.
do you guys still sell these? i love them and havent been able to find them anywhere anymore??!! please help  [product:el-monterey-chicken-6-ct-tamales-24-oz-bag]
Wal-Mart has deleted this product from their regular stock have they been discontinued by you or Wal-Mart? If it is Wal-Mart that has chosen to no longer carry this product can you please tell me where else i can purchase them i am in central Florida mulberry to be exact zip code is 33860
Whete can I buy these?
What quantities can you purchase this in? I have seen a 12 pack and I assume you can buy them individually.
Are these good.? We (in my house) love the chicken and cheese ones, like looooove
What's your favorite way to cook these? (What tastes best in your opinion?)
Are these in the frozen section?