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[product:lifeway-kefir-raspberry-cultured-lowfat-milk-smoothie] Aa que hora es bueno consumirlo ?
Are these good?
I had been looking for something sweet and kinda tangy and I don't like milk or chocolate milk and strawberry it just taste so plain ...but I need milk this good it sweet ? Tangy ? ..I'm just curious
I am about to embark on a gut cleanse and they recomend Kefir. How does this product stand out?
Are their any "real" STRAWBERRIES, BLUBERRIES, etc., or THIER SEEDS OR SEEDS OF ANY KIND IN THIS PRODUCT? My mother refuses to drink due to her inability to ingest Starberries, Blueberries, nor any or "berries with seeds" or ANY other product that has real seeds or fruit in them. I have tried my best to explain to her the flavors are just that and beet juice in example in the "Strawberry." You prompt reply/response will be very much appreciated as soon as possible; as he has now wasted my purchase. I am on disability and she left this out and now I do not have the product that I just purchased with my SNAP Benefits. If you have coupons or anything that could help offset the loss of product that unfortunately she wasted and I wanted, I would be grateful to recieve. Thank you and many blessings, Jonathan D. Morris 138 Dixon Rd Eden, NC 27288 God bless you all.
What does this taste like? Is it tolerable?
Where can I find this product to purchase in Beckley,wv?
I have never seen this!!!! What is it for?? Or is it regular smoothies? And are they good