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I Love pineapple. Sometimes, I like to eat it with cottage cheese. What do you eat with cottage cheese?
Are they actually good ?
How does this taste?
Why don't you sell just frozen bananas?
[product:dole-frozen-original-acai-bowls-6-ounce-bowl] Has anyone tried these, if so how are they?
Has anyone tried these, im wanting to buy some but scared that they arent that good. [product:dole-frozen-original-acai-bowls-6-ounce-bowl]
How long will Dole Just Lettuce Salad stay good in fridge if unopened ?
Do you think that these are good ?
Anyone recommend any other fruits that last a decent while around the house or in the fridge?
Need an easy go to lunch? Thai chicken salad with a peanut butter dressing! So good. Made it for dinner last night and kept everything separate for an easy lunch today that wasn’t soggy! Dole Fresh Angel Hair Coleslaw, Matchstick Carrots, 10 oz · Shredded chicken (can or fresh) · Angel hair coleslaw · shredded chicken · matchstick carrot · jalapeno · red pepper slices · peanuts Peanut Dressing: · 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (if natural, thoroughly stir before using) · 1/4 cup dark or toasted sesame oil avoid light-colored sesame oil which is neutral tasting and lacks flavor) · 1/4 cup rice vinegar · 1/4 cup water · 1 tbsp sriracha · 1 tsp table salt In a medium microwave-safe bowl add all peanut dressing ingredients except for the sesame oil. Microwave until the peanut butter is just softened, about 15 seconds. Add sesame oil, then whisk for a minute until very smooth and fully combined. (I used a Mason jar so I could shake it)