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King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour
King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour


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This King Arthur flour is perfect for my sourdough bread and pizza. Taste is amazing. My bread is always great. Recommend 100% for baking
All of King Arthur’s flour, and this one specifically are of extremely high quality and are a staple in my home. I often enjoy using this flour in bread making and I would recommend you do the same!
King Arthur flour is simply the best in terms of flour that I have come across during not only my stay in the US, but at any point. I worked in a bakery back in the UK and this particular flour has the best percentage of protein (12%) for making my bread rise and leading to a beautiful crumb structure and an amazing flavour. The values of the company are wonderful as well, being 100% employee owned.
Baking rustic bread is such a good mental break for me! What baked goods help put you in a good mood? #bakingbasics #rusticbread #redstaryeast #castironbread #lodgecastiron #holidaybaking #homemadegoodness #bread #breadandbutter King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour Red Star Active Dry Yeast
I’ve only ever used KA bread flour for baking bread, but between social distancing (lots of people filling time with baking) and hoarders, (come on people, really?!) it’s become difficult to find. Has anyone used AP flour to make bread?
How do I get my flour to stretch nicely for pizzas, I can’t seem to get the hang out it?
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