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For healthy and beautiful skin, get prescription skincare customized just for you from expert dermatologists at Curology.

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51 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I had severe cystic acne from puberty to my mid twenties, along with mild rosacea. I had it down to my back and chest. It was physically and emotionally painful. I felt hideous and I knew people thought it. I got asked questions like, "Do you wash your face?", "Do you have sunburn?", "What do you put on your face?" Or I got called ugly. And then when I had the rare occasion when something worked and my skin would clear, I would get a back-handed compliment like, "What did you do? You look pretty." That translates as, "Normally you look hideous." I tried every OTC brand you see in the stores, the ones advertised on TV and/or bybcelebrities. They only irritated my skin, therefore, making it worse. I tried natural supplements that worked to a certain degree. The thing is, acne or any skin issue is telling you that something is going wrong on the inside. You have to take care of that first. Birth control and antibiotics worked for a few months. My skin was glowing. That is when I received that back-handed compliment. Then, poof! My skin all of a sudden erupted worse. That is what you get for messing with your hormones. I had painful laser treatments that were performed without a doctor in-house, that literally felt like getting punched in the face. They left me with puss-filled blisters, which made people stare even more. So, out of desperation, as a last resort, I was referred to the drug, accutane. I found a good doctor who used a low dose for 6-7 months. It is extremely expensive (even though it only comes in generic form), so I got a temporary insurance plan, but it was still over $100 a month. I had to sign a paper acknowledging the side effects, during and after, although, they were supposedly "rare." Plus, you have to get bloodwork done to have your liver checked every month. Like I said, I was desperate. My skin was smooth. It glowed. Discolored marks and blackheads went away. I was told that the acne usually doesn't come back, but if it does, a second round should fix that. Toward the end of the treatment, my eyes got really dry. My contact lenses would go in and out of focus and dry up, as well. My lips were dry. I thought it would eventually subside when I went off the drug, but it has been 10 years now and I have severe dry eyes and use chapstick every day. The eye doctors say accutane is a strong drug and acts on the meibomian glands and nothing can be done. It is permanent. There are some expensive heat treatments to open them back up, but they must be repeated. Also, the acne slowly came back, but not severe. My once oily skin became combination with hormonal acne every month and blackheads, with one big painful cyst that likes to form right in the center of my sternum. I still have mild rosacea. I am not doing a second round. Who knows what else will happen to my eyes. But I am glad it is manageable. I can't use products with salicylic acid or fragrance with my sensitive skin. Tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and cleansing with Greek yogurt help a lot. But I still get the hormonal acne. So, back in May, I decided to click on the ad I kept seeing on Facebook for Curology. I snapped photos of my face, only paid $4.95 for shipping and they sent me an actual dermatologist-customized Super Bottle formula for my skin, based on my photos. You only use it at night and you notice the change almost right away. Your skin actually glows. It looks dewy. I have been told this. Those chin and chest breakouts during the month don't pop up. The blackheads get banashed on the nose. When I run my hands over my face, it feels smooth, with no bumps. I still have mild redness (rosacea), but like I said, that is a reflection of our internal environment, anyway. It also has minimized fine lines. There is NO FRAGRANCE. A MUST for sensitive skin. This is BY FAR the BEST topical acne product I have ever used. The key is the Super Bottle. For that, plus, the cleanser and moisturizer, it is $60-some every 2 months. It is not a bad value...Only that the cleanser only lasts about 1 month, so I have been using my DIY natural concoction. It would be nice if the company gave more cleanser and if they had the option of only ordering the Super Bottle and moisturizer. Unfortunately, you can only get the Super Bottle alone or buy all three. Other than that, this product is absolutely amazing, and I love it. I do not want to stop using the Super Bottle or moisturizer for a long time, as of now. For sure, 5 stars!
10 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Overall, I enjoyed using this product. Curology utilizes a skin survey and a few photos of your face to formulate a custom skin care routine and products to combat issue specific to your skin. Curology utilizes azelaic and retinoic acid along with other ingredients to improve your skin. The only point of improvement I would make is for enough product to be given to match the routine. I tested the product after seeing several ads and obtained a free trial. In the free trial, you receive a cleanser, moisturizer, and a specially formulated superbottle to improve problems with your skin. I found myself running out the cleanser before the other two products just because there the amount of cleanser needed to use in the routine was not equivalent to that of the other two products. However, the products themselves were great and my face felt amazing after using them. During the free trial I did see improvement in the presence of dark spots (my personal skin problem). I definitely would not be opposed to obtaining a monthly subscription of the products and I would highly recommend anyone looking to test out the product to get a free trial. Just make sure to use enough but not too much of all the products during your routine to fully experience all the benefits of the products.
110 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I was sure that this was another scam every time it popped up on my feeds on social media, especially since nobody I knew in real life had tried it. But then I became desperate for something to fix my face so I decided that $5 shipping for the free trial wouldn't be too bad if it didn't work out. I've been using it since April 2019 (it's currently August 2019). My skin is completely clear and I haven't had once breakout since. A bit of background on my skin- for YEARS I have had hormonal breakouts, especially on the lower half of my face and my jawline. I would have 2-3 new, deep, painful, under the skin unpoppable breakouts every day as well as a ton of dark reddish/purple spots from blemishes that had healed. I have tried every single treatment cream/wash in stores over the course of the last 5-6 years and nothing has helped me. My "custom" bottle contains niacinamide, clindamycin and zinc pyrithione. I opted for the one-month supply bottle, without the face wash and moisturizer since I personally have products that I like already. Personally, I never had a "purge" period where more breakouts occur as the product draws everything from your skin. Within a week my skin was improving, but I was still getting some new breakouts (although less often). After about 2 months, everything was gone. The dark spots, the new blemishes, all of it. And I haven't had any major breakouts since, and any spots that I've had are just very small, almost unnoticeable spots that clear up within a day. I don't feel the need to use concealer or foundation when I leave the house for casual things, which is something I never thought i'd be comfortable doing. My only complaint is that the bottle lasts WAY longer than they claim, so you don't need your subscription to renew as often as they like. You can "pause" your shipments, but not until after the trial period meaning not until after you pay ($20) for your second bottle. My second bottle came and it sat untouched for about 2 months before I ran out of the trial that I had been sent 3 months prior. I am only on my second bottle and am barely making a dent in it, when I should technically be on my 5th bottle. So a non-subscription option would be awesome, especially since nobody really likes subscription services anyway. 
1 review
My problem is not with the product itself. The formula I was prescribed works very well, and I love how all of these products work on my skin.
I found Curology via SupremeBanana (a vegan YouTuber with a widely vegan audience). I looked into it and saw that Curology is cruelty-free and vegan!
My two problems:
-When you receive the 2-month supply of cleanser, moisturizer and formula, the moisturizer bottle is visibly smaller than the others. I ran out of moisturizer first during the trial, and had to order a new set prematurely, just for the moisturizer. I still had a lot of everything else. When I got the larger bottles, I’d realized I’d be having this problem every single time.
I used one of my consultations to ask if I can purchase the moisturizer separately, and my dermatologist said that they only sell the moisturizer with the cleanser (??) and then she suggested a dupe from a brand who tests on animals..and another dupe from a brand that requires a doctor’s visit and is also not 100% cruelty-free.
I find it odd that Curology is reaching out to vegan influencers to advertise their products to a vegan audience, but then suggests products which test on rabbits and monkeys. It also puts a bad taste in my mouth that Curology won’t sell their products individually, so people are forced to buy prematurely. Looking at the three bottles together, I can only assume that this was done on purpose. The moisturizer bottle is simply too small..especially considering how they tell you to apply it to your neck as well (as with any moisturizer), they know that this product will be used to cover the most surface area, yet it is the smallest bottle.

I’ve considered switching to BIOCLARITY, which is a guaranteed vegan and cruelty-free brand with the same vibe.
108 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I give Curology a 5 for a few reasons. The trial is SO worth it to get a custom diagnosis of what products your skin needs. This is great for a beginner to skincare as Curology has lots of reading materials on why certain ingredients work great on your specific face. I also love how you can easily push the date back on the next delivery online if your bottle lasts longer than they thought it would (which in my experience it always does). The only downside is that the % isn’t very high on any of the ingredients. I use a .05 tretinoin from my doctor and was prescribed a .018 from Curology. However I heard if you chat the dermatologist they can increase the dosage if your skin is not too sensitive. I ended up switching to the ordinary and other more expensive peels and facial products but I never would have gotten into skincare without curology!
Shoreham, NY
4 reviews
Helped my acne a lot, I used to break out at least once a week now I rarely if ever break out. I found it was very drying so I have to use a lot of moisturizer and I only apply the serum every other night rather than the every night that is recommended. To get their face wash and moisturizer with the serum is fairly expensive. I still have a lot left and meant to cancel for this month but forgot to and they never sent me an email or text or anything that the bottle of serum was being made, I wish they had because you can’t cancel your order once the bottle has been made but that was mostly an error on my end for not remembering to cancel sooner. Overall would recommend trying it out if you’re able to stick to a routine with it and use it consistently.
Coventry, CT
81 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Unfortunately, I think Curology is more focused on profits than they are on actually healing people's skin. I was seeing a mild improvement with the .009% tretinoin in my formula, and when I asked to increase the percentage of tretinoin in my formula because I was tolerating it well, I was told I should stop using my face moisturizer and my face cleanser, buy Curology's, and use those for a month , and then they would look at increasing the percentage of tretinoin in my formula. I used telehealth to visit a dermatologist after I cancelled and was prescribed tretinoin .025% instead. I would highly recommend telehealth over curology if your health insurance covers it. 
Lancaster , CA
98 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
I have been using Curology for about 4 months and let me tell you... it has made a big change in my skin. I used to always feel uncomfortable with or without makeup bc of how much pimples, redness and marks I had in my cheeks and chin but since I started using this product I love how my makeup looks now and I feel more confident without makeup on. Love it.
TIP: if you are using with other skin care products and start getting pimples again, use Curology only for a couple of days thn incorporate your routine again little by little. That’s works for me bc I don’t really eat healthy so I get them often 🙈🙈but not as bad
Bluffton, OH
3 reviews
This product has saved my skin. Before curology, I was breaking out all over my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead (the T-zone) I had very oily and dry skin and always felt self conscious about the way my face looked. After a few weeks of curology all of that changed. My skin tone is now even, my face has a great moisture balance that I was never able to obtain before- even with products that were hundreds of dollars! My breakouts are very minimal now too, and normally hormone related. The only downfall to me about this product is the packaging sizes, the super bottle (custom mix formulated to help with your skin) is huge, and lasts me over a few months - which is GREAT. However, the face wash and moisturizer come in much smaller bottles that only last a month or so if that. They don’t sell just the face wash only, so you either have to buy all 3 products, or just the super bottle by itself. I switch out and buy different face washes to get me through until my next shipment comes in, but I would so much rather just be able to get them all the same size. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers with acne, skin discoloration, oily skin, dry skin, and even combination skin. I also love being able to get my facial essentials automatically sent right to my door!
107 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
So I totally started this with low expectations. I took the quiz, submitted pics of my face from different angles as well as my neck and chest. I received my unique formula within 24 hours and had a private message from the providers inquiring. THIS STUFF IS LEGIT. Within 3 days all of my breakouts were gone. The moisturizer is heaven. I cannot stress enough how amazing these people and this product has been. My mother and sister are also convinced. If nothing is working. Try it. #curologyonestopshop
Jacksonville, FL
392 reviews
Curology I read that everyone get's prescribed the same thing. I was just prescribed 0.009% Tretinoin, 1% Clindamycin and 9% Azelaic Acid, is this the same for everyone? I was also told to try 1 of 3 different body soaps. And the daily regimen is to cleanse and use sunscreen and that is it. 
Tampa, FL
120 reviews
Do you see fast results?
8 reviews
Did this work for you guys with hormonal acne? I’ve tried almost everything.
Murrysville, PA
25 reviews
Does curology work? I keep seeing ads and I’m thinking about buying it
South St Paul, MN
30 reviews
Is this legit? I have dry, acne prone skin. Dermatologists are expensive and take months to book. Thoughts? Curology

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