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I just ordered my trial box and hoping to see results. I have combo/oily skin, which tends to be more on the oily side, with hormonal breakouts that leave dark spots even after healing. Has [brand:curology] helped with anyone with similar issues?
[product:curology] Does it help reduce pore and works for oily skin?
Can I just order the acne medication or do you have to order all 3 products?
I’ve been struggling with acne for some time now it’s usually not so hard for me to get rid of but I can’t seem to get it to go away. Has anyone used this product? I’ve heard good things about it but I’ve tried so many products already and I want to feel confident in my future purchases for my acne.
[product:curology]? I would love it if other cureOlogy users could weigh in on this. So I’ve been using Cureology for about a week and it’s caused my chin to be red. I did notice some peeling and redness on my nose but then I noticed last night that my chin looks extra red so does anyone know if this is just my skin getting used to the medication or if that something I should be concerned about?
Did this really help your skin? -[product:curology]
Anyone use this that has hormonal acne? Looking for a product that will help clear up my face for years.
So I've been debating on switching from Proactiv to Curology. Is it worth it? And how expensive is it?
Has anyone who uses this for anti aging seen a difference in their skin?