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I am looking for two sculptured lamps with elk produced by John Parsons do you have any and a phone number that I could contact you with
Hello all! Okay, so I'm hoping someone can give me the 411 on Wanelo. What is it and how to use it. A friend of mine put me on to it, so I checked out the website and I saw some ridiculously low prices on some high end items which made me suspicious. Another thing that made me suspicious was the fact that none of the sellers had contact information, or where the item is coming from. You go on Amazon or Ebay, that information is there. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. I learned this lesson the hard way dealing with a site called Rosewholsale (You may have heard of it, they have ads all over Facebook) I need some serious help here! I literally spend hours on the site, DAILY, just looking at all the stuff I want to buy but not in fear of being scammed! I just want some assurance that the site is safe and reliable and that the items are not fake or used. Thanks
Are Wanelo products real? I was looking at a pair of shoes (NMD’s) and they were wayyy cheaper on there. I just don’t want to get ripped off and get fake ones! please let me know! 
I want to buy a pair of shoes from Wanelo but i do not want to waste my money, so is Wanelo a good place to buy shoes from? 
I was wondering if the prices for the items on the app is worth the money you pay?
Have you guys heard of Wanelo models? How do you become one?
Is the quality of the products you receive the same as it is shown in the pictures?
I have heard really bad stuff about this website?? They steal your card number and sell you fake make up products? True or just a rumor?
How is this different from Pinterest