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How many of you actually converted your single stroller to a double stroller? I’m pregnant and we are planning a second so we we’re looking at the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller but I’ve read a lot where the older baby outgrows the 35lb rumble seat limit either before or soon after converting. Advice or experiences welcome for the [product:uppababy-vista-stroller] or comparable convertible strollers. Thanks!
Is this really worth the money? I would love an uppa baby stroller for my 7 month old, just not sure it’s totally and 100% worth it. We have a stroller right now and does the trick but I need something lighter and easier to Maneuver into my car… I would love to try the uppa before hand but unfortunately can’t.
Gosh I so badly wish these weren’t so pricey, but how many of you recommend this stroller? My first child is due May 2022 and I am trying to get ahead of the game… so you guys recommend this stroller or something else?
How sturdy is this stroller? Would it survive frequent gate check?
How compact is this when not my or used?
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller would you buy this again or go with the mockingbird stroller or [product:nuna-jett-mixx-stroller-&-bassinet] ?
Can you fit the bassinet and rumble seat?
Is the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller better than the mockingbird stroller or nuna ?