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Is this palette good quality?? I've seen a lpt of mixed reviews.....
Did anyone buy this $60 Pallete?
I Saw this product on YouTube. Is it better than Laura mercier or just as good. Is it drying?
ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr GO OFF Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes - anyone else feel they're big enough for like 2-4 people to use to remove their makeup?
ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder Universal Translucent ?. Does this feel light? I really want to try it I'm just worried about breaking out I have really sensitive skin [product:onesize-by-patrick-starrr-ultimate-blurring-setting-powder-universal-translucent]
Has anyone tried this and if so what do you think about it I’m looking for one that doesn’t bleed or smear is this possible with this one ?
Do you use this powder under foundation ? I have tried it & really like
There are so many mixed reviews either LOVE or HATE, I was going to buy it before no I saw these. Where did you all get the sample? I think I need to definitely try the sample before purchasing?
I have oily skin, does this powder crease or break apart really bad[product:one/size-by-patrick-starrr-ultimate-blurring-setting-powder-universal-translucent] ?