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What is the best dry skin moisturizers ?
I Have awful rosacea and nothing I’ve tried has ever seemed to help my skin long term! Anyone know what will work best?
NUDE Skincare Purify Deep Cleansing Mask 1.7 oz Iss this good for oily sling too and using this during winters on oily sling would affect my skin?
How does this smell?
Interested in purchasing Nude Eye Cream .5 oz, How can I order this??
How can I order this eye cream??
I found this gem at Marshall’s for an incredible price. The jar is quite heavy and feels good in your hand. The cream has a very light frangrance, very clean smelling. It is a rich thick cream and spreads quite easily. It was not greasy at all and worked immediately. My skin was refreshed, felt firmer, without any weird residue. I really love the way it sinks right in and disappears. 
Can anyone recommend a replacement for NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly 3.4 oz?? I asked the Sephora community and got no response. I absolutely love this cleanser but the brand has gone AWOL 😭 Can anyone recommend a cleanser that you apply first and rinse off after. I don't want to wet my face first. I want the same milk jelly clean. I want a cleanser that removes all of makeup, is eye safe, and has relatively natural ingredients.
Does anyone know where I can possibly stil get NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly 3.4 oz in the US?? I fell in LOVE with this brand, especially this jelly cleanser, when it was sold in Sephora. Now that they don't ship overseas I'm unable to get it. So sad because it made my skin look so so so good 😫
Ok, where can this be purchased in the U.S.?