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How many treatments does this take to work, and has anyone with a lot of tattoos used this?
Hi, just a question for the users who purchased, does the skin become smooth and poreless after a while? As in, you don't see like dark dots under the skin?Thanks!
I'm interested in a hair removal device for home use but I like to know if this would work on dark and also on grays and also would like to know if it's painful to use ?
I am interested in finding a home system for hair removal, does this machine work well for fair skin with blonde hair and is it permanent?
Due to a medical condition I suffer from very embarrassing facial hair. It's not the typical peach fuzz most women deal with but dark, coarse facial hair more like a man's facial hair. I've tried creams, shaving, waxing, plucking, etc & nothing gets rid of it. The only thing I haven't tried yet is professional laser hair removal because I can't afford it. I've always wondered about these home devices but many do say they are not for use on the face. I'm wondering if the me smooth Hair Removal Device is approved for use on the face & if so, is it only good on lighter, peach-fuzz type hair or will it work on coarse hair more like a man's beard?
I am very interested in trying the me smooth hair removal device, is there any way I can receive it for free to try and review?
How can I have this product for free to try?
Is this safe to use