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I've never used false lashes before, what's good for a virgin, magnetic or regular Lilly Lashes 3D Mink So Extra Miami | False Eyelashes | Dramatic Look and Feel | Reusable | Non-Magnetic | 100% Handmade & Cruelty-Free|[product:lilly-lashes-3d-mink-so-extra-miami-false-eyelashes-dramatic-look-and-feel-reusable-non-magnetic-100-handmade-cruelty-free]|[product:lilly-lashes-3d-mink-so-extra-miami-false-eyelashes-dramatic-look-and-feel-reusable-non-magnetic-100-handmade-cruelty-free]|[product:lilly-lashes-3d-mink-so-extra-miami-false-eyelashes-dramatic-look-and-feel-reusable-non-magnetic-100-handmade-cruelty-free]|[product:lilly-lashes-3d-mink-so-extra-miami-false-eyelashes-dramatic-look-and-feel-reusable-non-magnetic-100-handmade-cruelty-free]|[product:lilly-lashes-3d-mink-so-extra-miami-false-eyelashes-dramatic-look-and-feel-reusable-non-magnetic-100-handmade-cruelty-free] ?
How does everyone clean their lashes after every use?
Lilly Lashes Level Up Lash Enhancing Serum ? What is the best lash growth serum? I heard this is a good one but, help a girl out!?
Hey everyone! I have only had this app a matter of a few days,could anyone be so kind and tell me how do I receive these lashes,I can never seem to but the right ones,I spend a lot getting them done,but I'm really hoping to Tey these beautis 😍😍😍
DooEs it come with the applicator as well ?
How do they look and feel and are they easy to apply ?
Can I get samples please?
Eyelashes or A good Mascara 😁? Lilly Lashes Lilly Lashes 3D Mink Miami Essence Volume Stylist 18H Curl & Hold Mascara ?