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Libby's® Yellow Cling In Heavy Syrup Peach Slices ? Easiest yummy peach cobbler in a slow cooker!! Yes. Everything i am listing is all you need. Do not add more liquid, do not freak out. I promise it will come out right if you follow the directions. I LARGE can of peaches in heavy cling syrup in a brand of your choosing 1 box of white cake mix in a brand you choose Butter stcks Cinnamon spice Crock pot Place peaches with syrup in bottom of crock pot Sprinkle cake mix evenly on top Cut small squares of butter and cover the top of the cake mix Sprinkle cinnamon on top Put the lid on Cook on high about 4 hours until top is browned Enjoy!! Note* I tried this with pineapples, it doesn't work
Canned pumpkin good Canned pumpkin good?
What's your favorite thing besides pie, to make with this?
Is this pumpkin bread good my son loves pumpkin everything and I want to give him a nice suprise?
What is your favorite way to use this product ?
Is this good for baking pumpkin spice loaf?
Does this have a lot of sodium?
 This has been a staple in my family for recent months, we've experienced inconsistency with this product. Through an attempt to complain to the company, they were gracious enough to compensate us with a voucher for two(2) free cans.... I was hoping that this would've been an isolated event, but once again, we are stuck with multiple cans of a "liquidy" product!
Where can I buy this in stores, I was buying it at Ollie's in Lavale, md but it's no longer on shelves. 
What is it used for?