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Is this safe to use or is it as unsafe as the other uv/led lights? I want to get it so badly because it’s so cute but I don’t want to get any skin damage and I don’t know if this one gives it too
Whats the most affordable option to get these polishes in Canada? I cant seem to find any local/Canadian places that carry these.
Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit Le Mini Macaron Online Only Le Maxi ''Rouge & Moi'' Limited Edition Deluxe Gel Manicure Set I was wondering about the durability of the lamps and is it better to get a small one or a big one? I've heard that doing gel 1 nail at a time is better, but I'm unsure
How long does this usually last?
This looks really cool! How is this?
I’ve never heard of such a thing!! I need all the help I can get on my hands in cold weather. Is this effective??