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HaaS anyone tried this and gotten amazing results I used one syringe in my Nasal lines and love the results ?
Considering JUVÉDERM® XC for lip fillers. It’s my first time ever doing anything like this. What should I expect?
What is the length of time that JUVÉDERM® XC would last? Is there a natural filler by this brand that will last up to 2yrs?
Anyone have good experiences with Juvederm? How long did it last?
Thinking about getting my lips done. For everyone who has gotten it done was it worth it and your opinion of it
I'm thinking about getting JUVÉDERM® XC on my next facial appointment in my lips, on the vermilion border will this help lines around my lips disappear? (Smoker lines) although I don't smoke,the botox isn't getting them all the way, will this do it ?
JUVÉDERM® XC ? How long will it last my first time having it done a d what I'd the average cost?
Has anyone been getting lip Injections with JUVÉDERM® XC and then decided to stop? I am concerned about my lips being saggy if that’s even possible.
Has anyone tried JUVÉDERM® XC for lip injections? What were your results? How much did it cost? And did you get your injections at a spa or a dr’s office?