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I messaged the Philip Berio Olive Oil specifically where in California their “California” Olive Oil was grown and processed. They told me the label Clearly states it is from California, exactly where in California is proprietary information. Does anyone know where their California Groves are? Is it really grown in California? Or is it “Fake News?”
How does this compare with artisan olive oils, taste wise??
"Anyone else getting this box? Which flavor are you hoping to try? " 
Hello my name is houda radi i'm from morocco I love this products so much .and I like your company so much i wanted to review your products on my instagram and facebook account ,I can help you to promote your products by reviewing them in order to convince and encourage people to buy the product from the Internet, while helping the company promote products and the company's continuity .Name: houda radi Zip code : 50020 city: MEKNES
Would this olive oil be great on salads?
I cannot find this anywhere! I've been to all local top's, Wegmans, Walmart etc. help?!?!
I can't find the Robusto or Delicato anywhere! I'm really bummed...I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish the VoxBox
I live in NJ and can not find this olive oil anywhere! Has anyone found it? If so, what store?
Where can I find this product? I have not been able to find this product in any of my Supermarkets, so I don't know how I can review it!
I have been to multiple stores in western PA to find this and can't find it anywhere. Anyone able to help?