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Why isn’t there a lot of stores near me?
I remember around 2013-2014, shopping from their online store was a sketchy experience. Lots of people complained that either they were missing items from their orders, they were shipped the wrong things entirely, or their orders never even arrived. When contacting their customer service, they were ignored. I just wanted to know if things have improved since then, and whether their website is safe enough to order from, and if I do encounter an issue, I will be able to receive support. Thanks!
I ordered some clothes online and got cancelled.I really want to know why?I replied to one agent who sent canceled email to me.She not answer even under email said “ If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at ...”Agent via chat told me to email and asked.I did 3 times within one month, no one answer.Agent via phone told me to email again and again. She said if I didn’t get any answer back just keep email because she doesn’t know why my order cancelled too.Does anyone know how to contact Brandy Melville and get the answer?I almost give up until I found I cannot use my phone to chat and ask agent anymore but if I can use via laptop, look like they banned me. All I want is why did they cancelled my order? Just that!!
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