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Lorna W.
Review for Lipton® Mandarin Orange Green Tea - 1 hour, 3 minutes ago
Very basic ingredients and no added sugar, citrus flavour; I was so excited to try this tea! Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations.

The first thing about this tea that annoyed me right away was the instructions said to use 170ml of water. That's barely any. I know it's hard to tell from my photos, but in a small mug, that's half the mug. If you use a tiny tea cup, this won't be a problem, but lots of folks drink their tea in small mugs and if you need to use two tea bags a cup, that's veering into luxury territory.

Still, I wanted to test the flavour accurately so I filled it the exact amount before trying it.

Both green tea and mandarin orange have a lovely zesty, zingy taste. This tea tastes of nothing. It has a light, pleasant, orange scent, but the flavour of the tea lacks even that. I'd be hard pressed to tell that it was even green tea and I'm a super taster! (too many taste buds). It really has very little flavour. Perhaps 5% green tea flavour if I'm being generous, the rest is just a bland generic tea taste.

I really love citrus flavours and was expecting a burst of delicious tea that mixed green tea and mandarin, but it didn't deliver that at all.

The tea bags are individually wrapped which is a waste of packaging materials, but some might prefer for transporting them or having them in a break room.
No Special Diet
Review for 2 Pack - Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste 4 oz Each - 3 days, 14 hours ago
This is the only toothpaste that works for me. If I stop using it I
immediately experience bad sensitivity, even when breathing in.
Previously I've run out and had to use another toothpaste and within a
day I start to have problems. Sensodyne is the real deal when it comes
to stopping that pain when you breathe in or eat cold things. If you
have sensitive teeth, I would recommend this or one of the other mint
flavours. Using a toothpaste with whitening (even Sensodyne's own) will
often make sensitivity worse.

The flavour of this one is just a nice classic mint, it doesn't taste weird like some of the other flavours.
My partner and I collaborated on this review:

I’ve tried
a number of different antiperspirants from Degree, and most of them
feature similar positive and negative traits. This particular stick has
many of the same traits, but it did manage to eliminate a key downside
to some other antiperspirants: leaving behind marks on clothes.

using this antiperspirant for several days, and with several different
colours and types of shirts, I was very pleased to find that it never
left marks behind on any of my shirts. Whether I was using it on a quiet
day in the office or on a busy day running around all over town, it
consistently managed to reduce how much I was sweating and left not
marks at the end of the day. I also found that even if it doesn’t
provide 48 hours of coverage (24 is more realistic) it still lasted all
day, which is all I would ask of this kind of antiperspirant.

actual scent that this stick has is on the lighter side, it seems to do
a great job of reducing sweaty smells without being heavily perfumed
itself. That helps it be well-suited for men and for women alike in my
opinion, whether you’re working alone or in a cramped environment with a
lot of people nearby. It also felt smooth on my skin, and never
irritated me or left my skin feeling rashy and sore, which can sometimes
happen if I have a particularly hectic day running around.

summary, I was very impressed with this antiperspirant. It does what I
need it to do and it does it well without leaving behind any marks on my
Review for Dove Advanced Care Sensitive Antiperspirant - 5 days, 16 hours ago

thing I found a little strange with this product is that, without the
scent, I felt a little less fresh, even when there was no odour or
wetness. I think for me, I prefer scented deodorant, but I can't really
fault this as that's a personal preference and it's comparable to other
antiperspirants in the line. Since it's unscented it's ideal for those
with sensitivities or who don't like perfumes in their products.

I really loved about it is how gentle and soft it is. The creamy
texture and gentle ingredients leave your underarms a lot softer and
less sensitive. It glides on easily and within a few applications, I
noticed my underarms were a lot less damaged than they had been (from
constant applications of harsher antiperspirants. It's still boiling hot
where I live and it really kept me dry the whole time, but like other
products that advertise 48 hrs, I feel that's a bit of an exaggeration.

days it seemed to last only 12 hours and others it stretched to 24, but
never 48. I'm not a heavy-sweater, but I've had this problem with every
deodorant or antiperspirant that promises 48, so I feel it's a bit of
gimmick. Overall, I really liked it though and would use it again.
Review for Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo - 1 week, 4 days ago
My hair has been feeling a bit blah lately (maybe over testing of shampoos), but immediately after using this I noticed the difference. It seemed to work well with my naturally wavy, short and currently undyed hair. My hair was really soft, not frizzy or weird and most importantly, it didn't leave it greasy quickly. As I have hair with oily roots, some shampoos make my hair go greasy the day between showers (I wash every second day as is recommended for hair and body to not strip it of oils), but this one didn't.

The scent is not my favourite, but it's pleasant. It's quite sweet, with almost like a fruity smell, maybe a bit of apple. Not overpowering and doesn't linger.

I'd definitely use this again.
Normal, Wavy, Curly, Thick, Color Treated
Color Protection, Frizz, Oily Scalp, Curls, Volume, Split Ends
Review for Knorr® Sides Mushroom Rice - 1 week, 6 days ago
Foodie Expert Level 4
First let's get the thing that makes me angriest out of the way. The old classic, sodium. Now while I get that processed food has a tendency to be higher in salt, I feel there's never a need (other than manipulating taste buds and causing cravings) for the salt levels to be this high. What really bugs me though? The nutrition is for 1/4 pack even though you'll use the pack in one sitting. So you might be thinking, well 17% of your daily salt is high, but it's not something you'll do all the time, it's actually 4 times that. That means it's 68% of your daily sodium. Salt is the next highest ingredient after rice.

I still give the mushroom rice 4 stars because my family enjoyed the taste, but the lack of transparency makes me mad and I think people should know what they're getting into. So if you have a low salt diet, definitely avoid this, don't be fooled by the tactic to make it seem 'healthier'.

In terms of easiness, this is really simple to make, you literally just heat it up on the stove and then add some margarine at the end. It's very simple and fast. It's also tasty, giving the rice a nice hit of mushroom flavour that everyone will enjoy. If you don't like salty food, this will definitely taste too salty for you, but if you enjoy a salty taste, you'll like this.

It is good, but I love the convenience and if they'd get serious about reducing the salt in their dishes, I'd buy them a lot more often. As it is, this is a rare treat and not a common occurrence in our household.
No Special Diet
Review for Hagen Catit Flower Fountain - 1 week, 6 days ago
As with any cat product, there are so many different things to consider, a big one of which is what you're cat actually likes. Well, the proof is in the pudding (so to speak) with this flower fountain from Catit, as two out of my three cats have been choosing this over my Drinkwell Platinum. The third seems to prefer the stronger stream of the Drinkwell.

I actually find there are many negatives to this cat fountain as well as many positive and really, it just comes down to targetting whether it's right for your cat, so let's get started.

Ease of drinking/Design -

This fountain is essentially a bucket, with some plastic attachments to redirect the streams. In my opinion, it works best, with the most even flow, with all three attachments on to make the whole 'flower' visible. This creates give steady, but small streams of water that trickle downwards. I have to admit, the floral design is pretty cute and definitely has visual appeal!

My first concern (and the reason my 3rd cat doesn't like it) with this water fountain is that there isn't as whole lot of space between the stream of the water and the bucket, so if your cat is particularly big or doesn't like getting his face wet, he might struggle to drink from this. I noticed it was easiest for my petite female cat to drink from this without issues.

The bucket is also very tall, so while this is good for cats who can't or shouldn't bend, it would make it difficult for kittens to drink. It also lacks a 'bowl' style area to drink from, meaning if your cat prefers to drink from the bowl of water (included in most cat fountains) they will be disappointed with this fountain.

Cleaning and refilling -

This cat fountain is a dream to clean. It's really easy to take the plastic bits out, wash everything and put it back together. There's nothing complex about it compared to other cat fountains I've used (around four different models) and they really have made the cleaning easy. I love that the pump and cord can be detached completely, so you don't have to worry about getting the plug wet while washing it, which makes everything easier.

One negative is that it's totally covered, so you really can't tell when you need to refill it and it'll take you a bit of learning curve to recognise the 'burbling' sound that means it needs to be filled. I wish they had some external way to tell, as I have a bad back and can't easily bend to check it often. Refilling is very easy though, no mechanisms or confusing parts required.

Noise -

This has to be one of the quietest cat fountains I've ever used. My current fountain (The Drinkwell Platinum) is a noisy thing, as the streams are quite strong. The streams on the Catit flower fountain are more of a trickle and as a result there really isn't much noise to speak it. No buzzing, humming or loud water, it gets an A+ for noise.

Overall this would make a great fountain for anyone looking to try a cat fountain for the first time. It's very easy to use, not noisy and is also cute! The price point makes it a great option to try out these devices (It's one of the cheapest I've seen), after all, you always have the option to upgrade later. Cat fountains like this are a must for male indoor cats on a dry food diet to prevent urinary crystals and they're also a great option to prevent cats who like to 'splash' in the bowl as they usually want moving water. I'd recommend this for a first-time cat fountain owner, but if you've experienced a more advanced fountain, this doesn't offer anything special.


+ Cute design.
+ Three different water flow options.
+ Easy to fill.
+ Easy to clean.
+ Very quiet.
+ High off the ground for cats who shouldn't bend.
+ Pump and cord can be separated for safer cleaning.

- Difficult for bigger cats or cats with wide faces to drink easily from the streams.
- Streams are pretty weak.
- No 'bowl' style option for cats who prefer not to drink directly from stream.
- Bowl is too high for small kittens.
- No way to see the water level.

Update for AFTER A YEAR OF USE - Still working great. I've noticed my cats use this one over the Drinkwell Platinum now. So while they didn't prefer it at first, it's now their main fountain. The fountain doesn't get that hard crust over time that some of the metal ones get.
Review for Dove Baby Sensitive Moisture Hand And Face Wipes - 1 week, 6 days ago
These are so, so close to being my ideal wipe. They work great for both mom (a nice way to freshen up) and baby. They are alcohol and fragrance-free. Unlike some unscented wipes they don't have a strange smell and are pleasant to use. The wipes are thick and don't tear easily.

So what's keeping them from being perfect? I personally found them a tad too dry. When using them repeatedly, they were a little rough on the skin (both for me and baby) due to the dryness of the wipes. If they were just a little wetter, they would glide over the skin easier on repeat wipes. Plus, the second you expose them to air they start to dry even more, so having a little excess wetness is never a bad thing. These basically have the dryness level of wipes that have been left open and have started to dry out.

I checked the packet for leaks, because I was convinced this wasn't intended, but it turns out it's how they're supposed to be. Speaking of the packaging, it's perfect. I love having a plastic 'closure' that doesn't lose stickiness over time. It's easy to close and big enough that a partially pulled out wipe won't stop it from closing.

If only they were a bit more saturated they would be my dream wipes. So pretty good, but room for improvement.
Just used this tonight and I'm reminded of the fact that when Dove keeps it simple they are at their best. I absolutely love this body wash. It's unscented, but that doesn't mean no scent, just that none was added; its natural scent is a lovely, light creamy smell that's just like a Dove soap bar. I can't imagine anyone being bothered by it, it's pleasant and barely there.

More importantly my skin is lovely right now. Even before I dried off I could tell it was nourished and soft, but after drying I can feel that my skin is satiny soft to the touch and feels much better than before. I have a chronic illness and don't often have the energy to care for my skin, but with this, it feels like I've been applying lotion for a week, my skin is really soft.

It's a nice thick cream that lathers really well. I use a shower puff (pouffe/loofah?) and I was able to use less of this because it has such a big lather and thick consistency. I'll definitely be using this again and heartily recommend it!

Update: Having checked the ingredients, this does have a little perfume in it, so unscented is a mislabel by Amazon.
Stretch Marks, Sagging, Scarring
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