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Vanessa K.
Review for Myprotein Impact Whey Protein - 1 year ago
I technically have the Impact Whey Isolate, but I did not see it listed.

Unless, of course, since this was uploaded, MyPRotein changed the name, and maybe the are the same. regardless:

I got this a couple weeks ago, Salty Caramel flavor.

I don't have any negatives to say:
- mixes easily with water, doesn't foam too much
- each serving is not super calorie filled either, a bonus for when you really are caring (I am currently kind of bulking so don't care but I liked to know that it was 90 calories per serving, for what I have anyway).
- also tastes great in baked goods (made pancakes with these!)
- great great flavor on its on though.
- not heavy at all in your stomach when you drink, so it's a nice "before" workout protein as well.
No Special Diet
Absolutely love these - good sound quality. Really convenient (fold to put away in purse or backpack).
- I am not sure full retail price, I got it at marshall's for a good deal, but if it is on sale definitely go for it!
- comes with cord extension if you do want to NOT use Bluetooth - this is honestly a great feature. WHY?!

Well: While the charge for normal use lasts quite a long while, for stuff like, say, traveling for 14 hours by plane/sitting in airport, etc, obviously the charge then gets eaten faster. BUT still doesn't die! The real issue here is that your bluetooth use on your phone when you are travelling eats up the battery.

SO: when you want to save battery life on YOUR PHONE (or, want to use the mike feature on the cord), just plug in your bluetooth headphones to your phone and then you're not using up the phone battery as quickly - as bluetooth (and wifi) does cause the battery to be used faster.

ALSO: mike works great. I have done business calls, facetime calls, etc.

they are comfortable.

They look awesome (duh).

They are nice in the winter (Warm), but in hot weather it also isn't like "too hot".

Comes with a bag to put headphones and corresponding cords in for traveling - a nice plus.
I've always loved yurbud. It has been my go-to-running headphone brand for a very long time. The sound quality is quite good for the price, and the "doesn't fall out" cannot be beaten very easily by other brands.

Now: these... I was so excited when I saw these Bluetooth ones on sale and bought them immediately. I've started weightlifting and so having wired earbuds can be a mess/dangerous for my phone (aka me break it by suddenly pulling on wire at wrong moment).

These have:
- awesome sound quality
- Are built to last. are built for fitness (aka sweat)
- comes with two sizes - so if you're like me and need to adjust to smaller size, that was nice!
- charge lasts a pretty long time. Honestly depending on how much or little I use it I don't need to charge until every couple weeks. If i'm using a lot, stills lasts a week though, which is nice. So you don't need to be charging, like, nightly
- comes with a travel bag (very nice!)

highly recommend!
I always buy these when I see them on sale because they are SO yummy - and filling. When I ate them, I wasn't yet into macros so I can't currently speak to the level of protein these have, but they are yummy if nothing else!
No Special Diet
Very comfy shorts - I have written other underarmour reviews before, and will say it again: I love this brand, they always get the fit right (For my body anyway). These are very comfortable and I wear them all the time, and have in multiple colors
I love their shorts leggings pants CLOTHES in general. They are one of the few athletic brands I get that actually fits by hips, legs, and bottom.

I realize that also means there is a subset of people out there that probably won't necessarily like these shorts (Because if they are used to the shorts that never fit me properly, they probably think the same about these?)

So: if you have big quads from working out, running, or whatever - you'll be happy.
if you have big hips - :)
if you also have a bottom-ish (like i dont have a huge bottom but i have one) - there is room for your bottom, without your cheeks showing right away. obviously depending on the size (length) if that is your thing, you can obviously ensure it is closer to the edge!

Anyway. that is my opinion: love their brand. always can count on a good fit. their tops too.

Review for Southwest Airlines - 1 year, 2 months ago
I haven't flown on Southwest often. BUT i love that you can carry two pieces of luggage - that is pretty useful obviously! I also don't mind the seating arrangement stuff, but at the same time it feels like it could get stressful - really worrying about getting there early to get "the seat you want". Still, just as good as other airlines and systems.

The checked baggage thing is what makes it better than other airlines for sure
Review for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Original - 1 year, 2 months ago
meh. i have had these before and quite frankly it's pretty fake-cheese tasting, chemical flavors. i mean, i also am super picky about cheese because i love cheese a lot (true Wisconsin girl here). Maybe if you aren't picky it's okay. But I know there are better mac and cheese boxes out there.

But I will eat it if it's all there is in my cupboard and i need something fast (have done it plenty of times). Just - if you haven't eaten it before. seriously. not really "cheese" tasting.
No Special Diet
Review for Progresso : Lentil Soup - 1 year, 2 months ago
this is my go-to buy when i'm looking for soup in a can. it's really yummy and, as it is lentil, filled with protein (nice and healthy). I believe there is a low sodium version as well. I also like Progresso's other soups. honestly i mostly just buy Progresso when i need to buy canned soups.

they also often have sales which is nice too!
No Special Diet
Review for Swiss Miss Great Start Cocoa Hot Cocoa Mix - 1 year, 2 months ago
basic mix, does the job. i guess my mom always has bought swiss miss as i grew up, so now i do too.

it's also usually decently priced, so that is also why i grab it instead of other alternatives. if i really feel like making a "Fancier" hot chocolate, i would just make it myself with cocoa powder and milk. this is fine for something quick
No Special Diet
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