Does this stuff make you groggy in the morning? I work nights and have a hard time sleeping , but I cannot be groggy when I wake up
SECANE, PA - 3 years ago
8 answers
It really does not make me feel drowsy the next day. Now if I take too much of this product the night before, It is a little hard for me to get up the next morning.
Philadelphia, PA - 3 years ago
Surprisingly, no. I've tried so many brands and in the morning I feel like I'd rather die than get out of bed (lol) but ZzzQuil definitely delivers and makes you feel SO MUCH better
Avon, CO - 3 years ago
This hasn't made me groggy before, but I also make sure to get 8 hours of sleep when I take it. It could potentially make you groggy if you don't get enough sleep at night with it.
Sewanee, TN - 3 years ago
To me, it doesn't make me groggy. But you have to allot yourself at least like 8 hours to sleep after you take this
Saint Marys, GA - 3 years ago
It's not as bad as Tylenol pm or Advil pm. I would take half the dose listed but I would still be a little groggy in the morning.
The Colony , TX - 3 years ago
As long as I take it 8 hours before I need to get up, I'm good. But anything sooner and it takes me a few extra cups of coffee that day.
Reedsburg, WI - 3 years ago
I've never woken up feeling groggy, assuming I gave myself enough time to sleep
Binghamton, NY - 3 years ago
I've tried this before. Gave me some weird dreams but didn't wake up groggy the next day. I still use it if I can't sleep.
New Braunfels, TX - 3 years ago