What are your secrets for surviving allergy season? I have tried the popular OTC antihistamines with no success; I even take one 24 hr. In the morning and a different 24 hr. at night. Any tips? #allergies. #pollenZyrtec Allergy TabletsAllegra 24 Hour
Fitzgerald, GA - 2 years ago

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I flip between Zertec and Xyzal. I hate wasting both my time and my money... so when I need something - these two are the staples.
17 days ago
It sounds weird but if you can find local raw honey or even better honeycomb. If its from the local area where you live it is made from all the same pollen from your area that cause your allergy and your body will eventually stop producing too much histamine in response. My Father in law swears by it for his allergies. If that doesn’t work try Flonase. It blocks more histamines than the typical otc pills do. My doctor told me for my teenage daughter to take an allergy pill and Flonase everyday during spring and summer (when her allergies are the worst) and if you don’t skip a day you will get relief. But you cant miss a day or its all for naught. Hope you find relief soon.
2 years ago