I just bought this causes I keep getting allergies not sneezing allergies but like bumps that swell up and my throat gets swollen and my lips get swollen my eyes do you guys think this will work for that any suggestions of any other of their brand that works best or the best way to take it?
Temple, TX - 2 years ago

3 answers

I see this was written two years ago, while I do not suffer allergies on the level you have described, I am going to say first things first - you need to see your doctor. Get their advice and opinion on the best options for YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. I have and used both Zertec and Xyzal for mine and my families allergies... however, we haven't had the extreme case that you've described here. See your doctor or medical professional for the best options. I'm sorry I could not be of more help.
17 days ago
Have you tried Benadryl? That works for our family.
2 years ago