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Zulily is similar to Amazon in the sense that it offers a wide range of items from clothing, makeup and skincare, furniture, camping/sports goods, and so forth, making online shopping convenient. Their prices are on the affordable end, particularly their sales. However, the quality of their items are a big hit or miss for me... I've bought several clothing items from them and I was so disappointed by how poorly the quality was. Sizing was also way off, where a small fit more like a large. Adding the cherry on top, Zulily only offers store credit if you need to return items in addition to the $4.95 return fee you have to pay. Overall, it's an okay place to buy items if you know exactly what you want and how certain items fit you. If not, I would suggest to be very cautious and double and triple check everything to reduce the headache of dealing with returns.
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Yasirun is nothing like the picture I bought from. Hardly any cushion. Looks very cheap. More like a slipper than a shoe. Very dissatisfied very disappointed.
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I originally purchased from Zulily. I didn’t really understand how the website worked, but after buying from them I found out, because I wanted to know exactly why my packages were going to take so long to be delivered. From what I heard is Zulily buy a lot of products going out of stock in bulk lots and you have to wait until the sale is over then they put the complete order in and then they are shipped everything and then Zulily ships what was purchased from them out. That really wasn’t an issue since I’ve order from before and most of products you can purchase from the original company websites for the same prices directly. So always check their first because…. Zulily doesn’t do any refunds. They only do store credits and the best part is they charge you $4.95 to ship the items back. I also noticed after buying you can’t leave reviews on Zulily. So I couldn’t tell anyone about the products I bought. If there is, I can’t find it. I checked reviews on the actual product websites and I got mine online off of google, so I didn’t know this in advance, but I didn’t notice or want to notice Zulily didn’t do refunds… For a $25 product I’m not sure if I want to ship back for a store credit when there isn’t anything else I want. I believe I will just delete the app and move on. Happy Shopping!


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How do I return items that dosen't fit. Or you don't like the item you received
I have never used Zulily? I have heard good and bad? Would you recommend?
Is this a reliable website to shop at?
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