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Zoo Med ReptiSticks Floating Aquatic Turtle Food
Zoo Med

Zoo Med ReptiSticks Floating Aquatic Turtle Food


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This product is absolute GARBAGE!! First of all, it doesn’t meet your turtles nutritional needs, then this turns the water green, so imagine the amount of dyes in it!! I didn’t even registered it was this thing, just noticed the turtles were still hungry after eating this, which didn’t happen with reptomin sticks, and I thought my filter gave up. I ordered a brand new filter for NO reason, when I took them out to clean the tank to install the new filter, I put some food out for them and noticed the water there was green from the food! You definitely get what you pay for, so do yourself and your turtles a favor and just get the reptomin!
These floating sticks weren't horrible, but my turtle hated them. She wouldn't eat them. She would almost act like she was scared of them. She wouldn't even go near it. I have a red ear slider turtle.
My turtles do not like the reptisticks. They prefer the pellets from zoomed. I purchased a container at Walmart and it's still practically new. They were curious at first but don't even swim to them if they see it dropped in