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Everything is a pain with Zola. Almost every gift had some issue where it ended up costing us more to get the item, or we could only get Zola store credit, or they tie something up in paperwork for so long that they hope you forget about it. And the “completion discount” is a scam. It’s only for certain non-brand name items. The customer support is bad and their website had a major data leak like a week before our wedding when we were out of the country and we couldn’t access anything. One of the worst features is that there can only be one primary person on the account, so your partner might’ve set it up and you can’t make any substantive changes or decisions on the account without them. Avoid Zola like the plague. Our Amazon registry was perfect and gave us no issues. We were married in May and I’m still dealing with Zola bs in mid-December. There’s so many other options, do NOT use Zola.
Most of my items came in fine, a decent amount of gifts were on back order and took awhile to come in. I had friends giving me gifts way after my bridal shower because they were waiting for the gift to arrive. However one of my gifts that was supposed to be sent to my address was ordered on August 1st and by November 6th I still did not receive it. Reached out to zola’s team and they kept giving me dates when it would come but the inconsistency of dates and the fact that it’s taking over 3 months to come in is ridiculous. No one from the Zola team reaches out first, I had to reach out to them all the time. And the worst part is they didn’t refund because it was a gift, instead I had to choose something else from their registry in which many items were on back order or things I did not need. I choose that item for a reason, because I needed it, I don't want store credit to have to choose something else that I don't need. Do not recommend this for wedding registry!!!
We used Zola for wedding planning and for our registry. I liked that we could include cash gift options on our registry, and that we could connect registries from other stores. However, I was disappointed with the options available from Zola directly. They were really overpriced and they were missing quite a few items we would have loved to add. It also made our 20% post wedding discount fairly disappointing, because most of the items available were more expensive than I'm willing to pay, even with the 20% discount. I wish they had more options available, and more affordable options.
What other stores registries can integrate with Zola?
Retailers offer a completion discount after your wedding day. Does Zola offer a similar discount?
Zola has a guest list feature, where your guests go to the link and put their personal information in. I am planning on using outside stores as my registry, has anyone used these features and have their guests gotten spammed by emails or texts from zola?
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