ZO® SKIN HEALTH Offects Exfoliating Polish is this polish as effective as people say? I have acne prone skin.
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Yes!! This is a game changer for me. Something about this polish helped my skin clear up. It was clear and smoother than it has been since I was younger
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I have acne prone skin and I love how smooth and glowing this makes my skin feel. It doesn’t damage the skin, but of course if you overuse it, it might. Any type of over exfoliating with any kind of exfoliate will damage your skin.
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I can hands down say this is probably the best skincare product I have. From the first use you will literally see your makeup glide on like butter! It noticeably reduces texture and gets rid of any dead skin on the surface, allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper
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If your skin is sensitive because it is prone to acne, I recommend that you use azelaic acid. your skin will love azelaic acid
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