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Zesty Paws

Zesty Paws Senior Hip & Joint...
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After doing some research, this product does come highly recommended however I can’t give my own personal approval. I have two American Staffordshire terriers and neither of them would eat these without being wrapped in cheese; which I do not want to do. Immediately opening the package, their noses were intrigued but when I tried to give them the chew it was rejected. So now having some saliva on the chew it stained the blanket my boys were laying on. These supplements have an intense smell of chicken and a vitamin type scent. The heart shape is cute and the consistency is soft. The container is nice and sturdy with a twist off cap for better storage. Unfortunately, this was not a winner in my house. I did end up giving some to my neighbor to see if their dog would enjoy them and hopefully benefit from them, sadly their dog rejected them as well. Ultimately I ended up giving them to a friend of mine that volunteers for a local Humane Society.
5 / 5
Millie is getting older so I’ve been giving her these for under a month now. No big difference yet but she looks forward every morning to these
5 / 5
This supplement got my old chihuahua moving again and playing like she used to do. I'm so happy I got this for her after so many other brands that either did nothing or she just would not take. She loves everything from zesty-paws so far and she haven't got a joint injection since she started taking this.
5 / 5
My dog started getting sensitive to walking and people grabbing her . Before we’d even touch her she’s Yelp :( she was 14 years old . I took her to the vet and the vet was clueless to what it could be . I asked if vitamins would help or turmeric ( which zesty paws has as well) she said no it wouldn’t and I should give her pain pills . I’n desperation I agreed . Her pills made her sick so I stopped giving them to her and took her to another vet . The New vet told me she had knocked knees and I showed the vet this product she checked to make sure ingredients were alright . I got the okay And I bought this and after a couple weeks she seemed so much better she loved them so much ! Would definitely recommend 😁
5 / 5
My dogs love this supplement so much that they drool when I open them. Zesty paws products are extremely good and my doggos love them
5 / 5
I have 3 dogs ages 14, 11 and 4. My 14 year old dog, Sam, has been having a hard time getting around. I chose to buy [product:zesty-paws-senior-hip-joint-chews-for-dogs-with-turmeric-glucosamine-chondroitin-90-chews] to see if they would help him get around better and they do! He still is sort of slow but he is a 14 year old Cairn Terrier after all but he seems to not be in as much pain since using these chews. He loves the flavor and it makes me feel good that I can help him be in less pain when moving about.