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I have some muscle/skeletal issues, and my orthopedic surgeon prescribed me vitamin pills, but at a very low dose. I also work ALL day in a clinic without ANY windows, so I rarely get any natural vitamin D from the sun. Seeing as vitamin D is a VERY important hormone for with so many benefits, and very few ways to get enough of it without supplementation, I wanted to supplement my prescribed pills with a more easily absorbable liquid. The first brand I purchased was the NOW Vitamins 5,000 IU liquid Vitamin D3. NOW brand is less expensive by the bottle (roughly $12 compared to $22), however, this Zahler brand is actually more cost effective because only ONE DROP of this stuff is the full 5000IU dose. The NOW brand requires a FULL dropper to get all 5,000IUs. This product does have a very mild, almost metallic taste. It is not at all bothersome though. Overall, good product!* I am committed to providing completely honest and unbiased reviews, regardless of how I obtained the product. I was fortunate enough to receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. This and all of my reviews contain only my personal, sincere opinions. Please feel free to comment if you found this review helpful (or not), or have any questions. I welcome and appreciate feedback regarding my reviews. Thank you for reading! *