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Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for the Samsung Galaxy S9

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for the Samsung Galaxy S9


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This glass looked horrible plus it came of really easy it did not stick!! Plus really expensive!! I do not recommend it! It's really tick
It keeps my phone screen clean and readable...but I always have a problem with them. One thing or another will occur with the screen and I refuse to keep paying for more so I wait a full year before getting a new one. Of course if you replace your phone more often you won't have that problem. I know you can return them but you pay for sending it back and you have to have a good case or they won't replace it for "free".
I have small kids, and I'm a klutz, so I NEED a protector on my screen. Even more so with the S9, as the case just doesn't provide the protection it thinks it does. The salesperson advised that I pass on the S9 InvisibleShield, as the curved screen makes bubble-free application very difficult, but I'd rather have a few bubbles than a broken phone. Even with a phone case, and especially the aforementioned S9 case, I crack my Zagg shield fairly regularly. No matter what I put the phone through, though, no harm has come to the screen itself; the screen protector does an amazing job of absorbing the damage. The company also stands by its promise to replace the shield if it breaks, I've found. The one replacement hiccup I've encountered, where my envelope with the broken protector was returned to me by the post office, was quickly remedied by emailing a photo of the envelope to customer service; they sent out my replacement screen protector that day, and told me just to toss the broken one. I have nothing bad to say about these screen protectors, or Zagg. I consider the InvisibleShield a must-have for every phone I buy.

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