Does this product feel sticky when it is being applied, while it’s drying, or after it has dried completely? Does it leave lip marks on drinking glasses?
Oregon City, OR - il y a 8 mois

1 answer

This product isn't sticky at all. The formula is VERY thin. Also, I would recommend picking this up in-store, because the color in the tube isn't true to how it will look on your lips. I have the shade 103 Pink Taboo (I also have a review with pictures here on Influenster) and it is much lighter in the tube that what it "dries down" to be on the lips. It's very comfortable. Very moisturizing. It does last all day on me. Not the gloss part, but the color part. But the gloss does last for a good while. It will not leave a color mark on your drinking cup, but there will be a tiny bit of gloss residue left on your drinking cup, if that makes sense. Hope this helped ❤
il y a 8 mois