Is this perfume worth the price? Does it last a long time or will I have to buy it again in like 3 months?
Merrick, NY - il y a 3 mois

19 answers

Yes it is worth and is long lasting
il y a 21 heures
Nope. It doesn’t last long.
il y a 3 jours
Honestly I don’t think it’s worth the price. It does smell nice of course but you can find a lot cheaper perfumes with the same smell and effect.
il y a 7 jours
I have a sweater that I haven't worn in months and I pulled it out of my closet and it's still smells like Black Opium. The price may be steep, but your getting your money's worth
il y a 7 jours
It lasts all day long- great and strong
il y a 12 jours
I think it lasts long. You don't need much but I'm an oversprayer and I haven't ran out from Christmas 2020. I do have a lot of fragrances and I only wear mine in fall and winter.
il y a 24 jours
Worth the splurge!! A little goes a long way. & last all day. My favorite EDT
il y a un mois
I think it lasts long, I can spray it before going out for the night and it will smell the same just SLIGHTLY less potent towards the end of the night but that's how things go. It works much better than my Sol de Janero one I use a ton.
il y a un mois
I love it. I also own a lot of perfume so mine lasted longer than 3 months and I got the smaller bottle (I don’t wear it every day) but I do love it. I’m just now getting ready to buy more.
il y a 2 mois
I personally love this!! It lasts awhile on me. I'd say somewhere between 10-14 hrs, no kidding. sometimes I can still smell it on a shirt a day later.. crazy, right?
il y a 2 mois