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Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Almond Orange...
12 Reviews
This is an amazing shower gel. Very nourishing on the skin. At first I didn't like the fragrance at all, it was like a very old scent but the second time I used it it was extremely different and nice.
I really love YvesRocher shower gels, especially this one, because it smells amazing, it cleans the skin well <3
Huele delicioso, su precio es accesible, te da sensación de frescura y relax!!! La textura en la piel es suave
Mine is a set of three shower gels. Love it. Never dries the skin, leaves silky and smooth. Amazing for everyday use.
This is my Yves Rosher Almond Orange Blossom Shower gel, I really love the smell of it😍 I can’t wait to try others shower gel from this brand! The price is affordable, and I really recommend this to you guys☺️
I absolutelly love the smell of these! It smell super great but does not last super long. The shower gel will last really long if you’re not wasting it and the price is also pretty nice! I’m excited to try different smells and fragnances. Also, love how eco-friendly this brand is💚
The bright scent of this shower gel takes me back to my time in France! I normally can't stand almond-scented products: too heavy and cloying. So I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I love this shower gel: I think it's because the orange blossom comes through more than the almond does.
The vanilla one is the best. I adore the smell, it’s my favorite shower gel. I used it everyday.
This shower gel smells so amazing, it has very relaxing effect and it smoothens the skin absolutely love it
Ce gel douche a une petite odeur délicate d’orange et d’amande, ce qui reste doux et agréable. Il nettoie très bien la peau.